In our first year, 2012, we repaired 11 homes.

Smithville, MS (Trip 1, Proj. 1)

  • A huge tornado leveled shed.
  • Framing is done by volunteers.
  • Storage shed is looking good.
  • Volunteers & complete shed.
  • Volunteers & happy homeowner.

Smithville, MS (Trip 1, Proj. 2)

  • First post installed.
  • Volunteers secure porch.
  • Curtis is ready to start work.
  • Working on the hand rails.
  • This porch dresses up house.
  • Homeowner & volunteers.

Smithville, MS (Trip 2, Proj. 1)

  • Home was totally destroyed.
  • Sheet roc needs to be finished.
  • Corners need to be completed.
  • There is still plenty to be done.
  • Sometimes we need a step up.
  • Completing sheet roc.
  • Working on walls to ceiling joints.
  • Texturing the walls and ceiling.
  • "Here I am Lord, Send Me"

Smithville, MS (Trip 2, Proj. 2)

  • Repairing the siding.
  • Volunteers working on exterior.
  • Cutting another piece of siding.
  • Teamwork makes the job easier.
  • Volunteers working on awning.
  • Homeowner & volunteers.

Pamilco County, NC(Project 1)

  • This house could use steps.
  • Preparing for the new porch.
  • Checking out the framework.
  • Now, a way to get in house?
  • Teaching young man.
  • The porch is complete.
  • Happy homeowner & us.
  • Comfortable porch.

Pamilco County, NC(Project 2)

  • Leaky roof causes mold.
  • The mold continues.
  • The ceiling & mold removed.
  • The roof & ceiling was replaced.
  • Mold in kitchen & in bathroom.
  • Yuck, more mold.
  • New installation.
  • The new ceiling looks wonderful.

Pamilco County, NC(Project 3)

  • This roof needs to be replaced in order to secure the work done inside the home.
  • Tearing off the blue tarp in order to put the new roof on.
  • The roof replacement continues.
  • We need more shingles on the roof.
  • Lots of volunteers working on the roof today.
  • The roof is almost done.
  • Curtis is putting the finishing touches on the roof.
  • While the adults are working on the roof, the kids do a project of their own.
  • The homeowners were ecstatic about the kids surprise.

Pamilco County, NC(Project 4)

  • The side of house has water damage.
  • The entire wall was removed and replaced.
  • The next step is to water seal the wall.
  • The water damaged wall is starting to look new.
  • In order to repair the mold damage and replace the tub, the entire back walls had to be removed.
  • Preparing for the shower to be installed.
  • The shower has finally arrived.
  • The only way to get the shower in the house is through the back wall.
  • Putting the final touches on the shower.
  • The volunteers and the homeowners take the time to hang out.

Pamilco County, NC(Project 5)

  • Hurricane winds caused this door not to close properly.
  • After repairing the door the siding needed to be secured.
  • This home was flooded and homeowner totally gutted it. Now we will help with the trim carpentry.
  • This window is trimmed out.
  • Curtis and volunteers put up paneling, while it rains outside.
  • The rain will not stop us from during what God has directed us to do.
  • This threshold need to be replaced,
  • In order to replace the threshold we had to dig out the old one.
  • The threshold is finally complete.
  • Curtis installing some molding in another home that was flooded.
  • Volunteers praying for homeowners.