2013 was a great year. We assisted in the repairs and/or rebuiling of 8 homes and 1 church.

LaPlace, LA (Project 1)

  • Replace entire roof damaged.
  • Scrapping off the old roof.
  • Stripping off old roof.
  • Starting with the sheathing.
  • Putting on a new roof.
  • Replacing this huge roof.
  • Shingles and more shingles.
  • Finishing off the new roof.
  • Are we done yet?

LaPlace, LA (Project 2)

  • Setting to do some trim carpentry.
  • Replacing all the doors in the home.
  • Replacing all the molding.
  • Replacing the front door.
  • Volunteers paint the doors and trim.
  • Excited homeowner & volunteers.

West Liberty, KY (Project 1)

  • No electricity.
  • This home also has plumbing issues.
  • The plumbing is under the house.
  • Volunteers & homeowners.

West Liberty, KY (Project 2)

  • Needs trim carpentry.
  • Not complete without window trim.
  • Volunteers learn new skills.
  • The interior doors need to be installed also.
  • So much trim to install.
  • Working on the base boards.
  • Homeowners deserve shelves.
  • The closet is complete.

West Liberty, KY (Project 3)

  • A young lady wants a bright green room.
  • A little white display case.
  • Painting newly installed trim.
  • More trim to paint.
  • Everyone is involved in trim painting.

West Liberty, KY (Project 4)

  • Start with a whole sheet of plywood.
  • Now we cut the sides.
  • The book shelves go here.
  • Learning how to build book shelf.
  • OK, Curtis, I don't see a book shelf.
  • Installing the book shelves.
  • The book shelves are complete.
  • One happy homeowner.
  • The home owners shed tears of joy.

Mineral, VA (the demo)

  • First step: tear out fire damage.
  • The electricity is a mess.
  • More demo

Mineral, VA (the rebuild)

  • The rebuild begins.
  • Volunteer preparing for rebuild.
  • The frame is going up.
  • Rebuilding the floor.
  • Look what we found in the wall.
  • The ceiling is going up.
  • Home-owner gets a first look.
  • Volunteers & home-owners.

Mineral, VA (its done)

  • The kitchen is looking good.
  • Volunteer working on sheet roc.
  • Even the young can help.
  • The living room is almost done.
  • What a beautiful kitchen.
  • Excited home-owners.
  • Volunteers and home-owners.

Hampton, KY (Day 1)

  • North Livingston Baptist Church.
  • We had a slab & some lumber.
  • Rebuilding church.
  • The foyer is framed.
  • Closing in the existing building.
  • The front wall goes up.
  • Front walls are totally up.
  • Closing in the new foyer.

Hampton, KY (Day 2)

  • Church family comes to help.
  • Another wall.
  • One of the side walls goes up.
  • Another wall goes up.
  • Connecting the parts of the walls.
  • Praising God!

Hampton, KY (Day 3)

  • Starting to look like a church.
  • Lifting the steeple with the crane.
  • The steeple goes up.
  • All walls are up & part of steeple.
  • A crane helps with the front.
  • Building the steeple tower.
  • The crane the roof rafters in place.
  • Starting on the roof rafters.
  • Working inside steeple tower.
  • Looking good from the front.

Hampton, KY (Day 4)

  • Snow flurries, but work persisted.
  • Closing in the roof.
  • The steeple gets a roof.
  • Feeding the workers.

Hampton, KY (Day 5)

  • We wrote scriptures on rap.
  • Working on inside of sanctuary.
  • The roof is water sealed.
  • Starting to look like a church.
  • Is it a star or a cross?

Hampton, KY (Day 6)

  • Putting metal roof on church.
  • Building canopy over entrance.
  • The equipment helps.

Hampton, KY (Day 7)

  • Starting on the cover.
  • The inside is looking good.
  • The metal roof is complete.
  • The frame of the cover is complete.
  • Steeple done, waiting on top.
  • Final product. GLORY TO GOD!