In 2014 we assisted families in 18 homes. We were also instrumental in organizing a relief effort that repaired about 235 homes. 

Buffalo, NY

  • The snow is deep & need is great.
  • Removing the snow off roofs.
  • Some roofs have 4 feet of snow.
  • The snow is everywhere.

More from Tupelo, MS

  • This was someone's trailer.
  • Look at the size of these trees.

Tupelo, MS (Day 1)

  • Damage at a car lot. Amazing!
  • Some of the damage to homes.
  • Rebuilding the back of the house.
  • The frame is up.
  • Roof is looking good.

Tupelo, MS (Day 2)

  • The day starts with prayer.
  • Volunteers come in all ages.
  • Tearing off the damaged roof.
  • Rebuilding the rafters.
  • Preparing for the new roof.
  • Now that is a lot of roofing.

Tupelo, MS (Day 3)

  • Surveying the neighborhood.
  • Replacing the roof begins.
  • Curtis and another volunteer.

Tupelo, MS (Day 4)

  • Working on the roof
  • Some of the other damage nearby.

Tupelo, MS (Day 5)

  • Replacing a small roof.
  • Starting a new project.
  • Ladies of Habitat assist.
  • Scarping the ceiling.
  • Ready for the sheet roc.

Georgia Work Day

  • Painting the mailbox.
  • Teaching how to mix cement.
  • Curtis checking out the progress.

Hattisburg, MS (Arriving)

  • This is the place we will be staying.
  • Treats from Gracie & Sunday school class.
  • Dinner with the team.

Hattisburg, MS (Day 1)

  • Starting the day with prayer.
  • First, repairing the roof.
  • Sheet roc work is also needed.
  • This window needs to be replaced.
  • Our lunch devotional.

Hattisburg, MS (Day 2)

  • Back on the roof.
  • The porch is almost done.
  • Back to the sheet roc.

Hattisburg, MS (Day 3)

  • Finishing the porch.
  • Leading devotional from ladder top.
  • A little appreciation gift.
  • Celebrating birthdays.....young
  • and old.

Hattisburg, MS (Day 4)

  • Finishing up the sheet roc.
  • Ceiling done.
  • Window done.
  • Roof done.
  • Porch done.
  • Volunteers give homeowner a quilt.
  • Getting things ready.
  • More roof work.
  • And yes a ceiling to repair.

Hattisburg, MS (Day 5)

  • Starting on the ceiling.
  • All the ceiling needs is paint.
  • Hanging out on the roof.
  • The roof is done.