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Houston, TX

  • Hurricane Harvey caused massive flooding.
  • The destruction is every place.
  • Volunteers praying before beginning.
  • Awesome volunteers.
  • Hard working volunteers.
  • Persistent volunteers.
  • Dedicated volunteers.
  • Gentle volunteers.
  • A job well done.
  • Great work done by volunteers.
  • A little humor.

Mannington, VW flood

  • The flood waters were high.
  • Moved off the foundation.
  • The inside of the trailer.
  • Removing the damaged rock.
  • Mold prevention team.
  • Some homes have to be destroyed.
  • Another flooded home.
  • Curtis taking down the damaged home.
  • Volunteers picking up debris.
  • The property is ready for a new home.

New York Community Projects

  • Prayer first.
  • Painting the interior and exterior.
  • Paint and more paint.
  • Painting the benches in the park.
  • More to paint.
  • Cleaning up the torn down building.
  • Many hands make the work light.
  • Getting ready for the new roof.
  • New roof for this pavilion.
  • Roof almost done.
  • A fantastic group of volunteers.

New York Disabled Vet. Home

  • The water line in the basement.
  • Removing the insulation.
  • The pile gets bigger.
  • Putting on a new roof.
  • Ready for new roof.
  • Water proofing the roof.
  • The final cleanup.
  • The home owner & the awesome crew.

Crossroads Ranch, Fulton, MS

  • Crossroads mission.
  • We love our volunteers.
  • This is the way we cut siding.
  • Now let's hang the siding.
  • Discussing the siding.
  • A little fun.
  • Still working on the siding.
  • Almost done with the siding.
  • Look how much God can do in a short time.

Lafayette, LA 8DOH Rebuld

  • So many volunteers.
  • Praying before and after the work.
  • Rebuilding homes is a God size job.
  • All ages can help.
  • Subfloor repairs done.
  • Ready for sheet roc.
  • Making it look like a home.

Canton, TX

  • The first signs of damage
  • Extensive damage
  • Tornado damage is great.
  • One more family with no home.
  • One of the volunteer crews.

Oklahoma Fire Relief

  • Hauling bales of hay.
  • Delivering the hay.
  • Each bale weighs over 1000 lbs.
  • Hungry animals await the hay.
  • Burnt farmland as far as you can see.

Lafayette, LA flood rebuild

  • A ramp to get into the house.
  • Another beautiful job.
  • Some of the volunteers.

Hattiesburg, MS tonado

  • The damage is huge.
  • Whole neighborhoods destroyed.
  • The damage goes on and on.
  • How did the trampoline get there?
  • Huge oak trees were uprooted.
  • Curtis brings a Godly message.