Posted: January 17, 2018

The Best Is Yet To Come

 The Best Is Yet To Come


We can’t wait to see what God will do in 2018. The year has just begun and yet we have been extremely busy. For the past several years we have been assisting a ministry called Eight Days of Hope with both rapid response outreaches and rebuilding outreaches. Eight Days of Hope selected both Curtis (in January 2017) and Belinda (in January 2018) to be Ambassador Leaders. We are very excited and humbled by this great honor.


Curtis has been busy helping clear and prepare the land for Eight Days of Hope’s national headquarters, which is near Tupelo, MS. He has also been involved in building out a new 44 foot rapid response equipment trailer. Belinda has been making phone calls to families we assisted in Houston in August of 2017 in preparation for upcoming rebuild trip. Yes, you read it correctly, we are going back to Houston to rebuild. In mid-February we will be returning to Houston to prepare for the upcoming rebuild trip which is scheduled for March 10-24, 2018. Please consider partnering with us in this endeavor.





                                                How You Can Help


* Pray for us, for the volunteers, and for the families we help.


* Volunteer to go to Houston, to love and serve people in need.


* Spread the word, we would enjoy speaking to your church, small group, or bible study about our missionary outreach.


* Partner with us, your monthly financial partnership allows us to love and serve people in need throughout the year and throughout the United States.

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Posted: December 12, 2017

2017, What An Awesome Year!

2017, What An Awesome Year!


What an awesome year! We had the privilege and opportunity to love and serve hundreds of men, women, and children in need. Building On A Rock Ministries was involved in mucking out hundreds of flooded homes, cleaning up tons of tornado debris,  rebuilding homes destroyed by natural disasters, bringing hay to farmers in desperate need, helping rebuild a home for a disabled vet, beautifying public playgrounds, and assisting in the building of a lodge for disabled adults. Building On A Rock Ministries is a disaster relief ministry whose mission is to bring hope to people in crisis by rebuilding homes and rebuilding lives through the love of Jesus. We are grateful to our partners and could not touch others without your support. Your partnership will bring peace and rest to families in chaotic situations; men, women, and children who feel lost, forgotten, and do not know where to turn. Please consider making a year-end donation or becoming a monthly partner which would enable us to love and serve people in need in 2018. Building On A Rock Ministries is a 501c3, which means your donation is tax deductible. Please send your donation to Building On A Rock Ministries, P. O. Box 1104, Abita Springs, LA 70420 or go to our website

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Posted: September 1, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

For the past three weeks, we have been doing flood relief work in Mannington, West Virginia. During that time we saw God move in some awesome ways. We assisted 78 families in cleaning up thier properties, several people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, a disconnected town became a community of neighbors. After a couple of days off we will be heading to southeast Texas. As I am sure you are aware, Hurricane Harvey slammed into the coast of Texas bringing huge amounts of rain. The flooding and wind damage is enormous. Please consider partnering with us as we go to assist in the relief effort. We can not help, love and serve those in need without your partnership. What would your partnership look like: $10, $20, $50 a month or whatever amount the Lord leads you to will play a part in changing lives forever.

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Posted: May 3, 2017

Canton, TX

We have just arrived in Canton, Texas. As I am sure you are aware, last weekend tornadoes hit several counties just east of Dallas, Texas. The largest tornado was on the ground for about 35 miles and was 15 miles wide. As you can imagine the devastation is huge. Please consider financially partnering with us. Building On A Rock Ministries will be here assisting in the clean-up efforts for the next couple of weeks. We can not aid families without your support.

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Posted: April 1, 2017

Oklahoma Here We Come

A massive fire burned 200-300 arcres of farmland in Oklahoma and Kansas in March. Hundreds of farmers lost livestock, crops, homes, out buildings, and equipment. We will be leaving for Oklahoma on Sunday, April 2 to assist in any way we can. Please consider partnering with us financially to help hurting families. Your prayers are always welcome.

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Posted: March 8, 2017

March 2017 Newsletter

                                                                                             Follow Me

 Jesus repeatedly said “Follow Me”. To Peter, Andrew and Matthew He said, “Leave your job and Follow Me.” To another disciple He said, “Leave your father, mother, and brother and Follow Me.” To the rich young man He said, “Leave your possessions and Follow Me.” To others He said, “Take up your cross and Follow Me.”

 At the end of 2011 we heard the same words and began a five year journey with the Lord. In 2012 we started Building On A Rock Ministries. Our mission is rebuilding homes and rebuilding lives through the love of Jesus. Since then we have, with God’s guidance, become mobile in order to do disaster relief work. Now we need your prayers more than ever. We are in the mist of the last major step in this process. Curtis began the full time missionary work in January and I will join him in a few months; leaving our jobs in order to “Follow Me.” We know the Lord will be faithful, 1 Corinthians 1:9, and that the bible repeatedly tells us to “fear not”.

God has shown us that we are to use our talents to love and serve hurting people. And that we are to be missionaries to families who have experienced the devastating effects of a natural disaster. You can get involved in this God lead mission. Please consider becoming a monthly financial partner. Your gift of any amount will be used to love and serve hurting people all around the United States.

We would love the opportunity to speak at your church, men’s group, ladies’ group, small group, or one-on-one. Please share this newsletter, our website and facebook with your friends and family.

To follow us go to our facebook—Building On A Rock Ministries. To give or to sign-up for our newsletter go to our website— Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1104, Abita Springs, LA  70420. We thank you for your support.

It’s All About Jesus,

Belinda Conerly

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Posted: February 22, 2017

Layfatte Rebuilding Project

On February 18 through February 25, 2017 we will be serving families in Lafayette, LA. This area was devastated in August of 2016 by massive flooding. This is a rebuild mission. We are in need of financial assistance. Your donation of any amount will be used to purchase building supplies for hurting families.

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Posted: January 4, 2017

New Year, Same Mission

On February 19-25, 2017 we will be going to Lafayette, LA to assist with flood relief. As you may remember in mid August over 20 inches of rain fell in a 24 hour period. Thousands of families experienced catastrophic disaster. Disaster relief has been slow in coming to this hard hit area. We will be rebuilding homes and rebuilding lives. You can help financially, and by praying. To give go to our donate page. You can also volunteer to go with us, for more information call us ASAP.

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Posted: December 25, 2016

An Awesome 2016

Five states, one hurricane, two tornadoes, five floods, and two local ramp projects later we are so thankful to you, our partners, and to Jesus Christ. In 2016 we have had the awesome opportunity to touch the lives of hundreds of hurting people, by sharing the love of Jesus. Over the past year the Lord has opened the door for us to do both disaster relief projects and rebuilding projects. Our plans for 2017, if the Lord allows, is participate in more such projects. Your partnership is vital to us. Please consider becoming a monthly partner. Your donation, of any amount, will bring hope to families in devastating situations. Thank you for your support through prayers, financial support, and your friendship!

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Posted: November 26, 2016


We often hear people in the church say that we need a revival or  that a revival would change things. But what is a revival anyway? Is it a tent in the parking lot and a week of peaching from a visiting pastor? I hope not. The dictionary defines revival as restoration of life, the act of renewal or reestablishment. So revival is the restoration of life, the renewal of life, or the reestablishment of life. WOW, isn't that what Building On A Rock Ministries does. We go to places where natural disasters have happened and we clean, gut, muck out, and remove the old, damaged, and destroyed parts of the home in order to restore, renew, and reestablish life for the families impacted by this disaster. But the act of cleaning, gutting, mucking out, and removing the old, damaged, or destroyed parts is not enough, we also bring the love and peace of Jesus Christ into homes filled with dispair and hopelessness. Talk about a revival, through Jesus, the hope of the world, a family's life is restored, a family's life is renewed, and a family's life is reestablished. Now this is true revival. You can be a part of this revival by partnering with Building On A Rock Ministries financially, prayerfully, or by volunteering. Come on be a part of this revival!

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Posted: October 1, 2016

Rebuilding South Carolina

As you may remember in October of 2015 we went to Columbia, South Carolina to assist with the disaster relief efforts. This area was devastated by nearly 30 inches of rain, flooding rivers, and broken dams. After nearly a year there are still families in need of safe and comfortable housing.


God has opened a door for us to return to this ravaged area with hundreds of other volunteers. We will be working in one accord to spread the love of Jesus and to rebuild homes. Last year we were there sharing the hope of Jesus, this mission will reinforce Jesus’s message of love, peace, and restoration.


Please be in prayer for our team and the other volunteers. Also, pray for the families we will meet and the cities still trying to recover. As I am sure you are aware, rebuilding missions require building material, which are expense. Can you partner with us in this area? Your donation would be greatly appreciated, just go to our website for more information.


It’s All About Jesus,

Curtis and Belinda Conerly

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Posted: August 16, 2016

Louisiana Flooding

Flood victims need your help! August 18-26 we will be assisting folks devastated by the recent flooding in the Denham Springs area. Food and lodging provided for adult volunteers. Can you volunteer a day? a weekend? a week? To volunteer go to our website or call Curtis.

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Posted: July 19, 2016

Upcoming Ramp

Hey ya'll! We will be building a ramp real soon. Want to join us?

We are building a ramp for a 38 year old gentleman who has a blood disease, a sore on his leg caused him to lose his leg last week. Please consider helping us.

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Posted: June 8, 2016

This Is War

"To go to war means to abandon all chance of comfort To step into a lack of personal safety on behalf of another To rise, weapon in hand, to face an enemy with whom you have nothing in common, Hand in hand with those who commit to battle that same enemy, regardless of the risk and possibility of loss War is an ugly fight, with casualties The enemy wants to defeat us but He cannot!  He cannot defeat a God who speaks life with the words of His mouth and the breath of His lips he cannot defeat a man who conquers with love Our savior is undefeated.  He is proven unbeatable.  My savior says this means war and He stands in front of the army, arms stretched wide, palms bloody with victory, calling us to stand with Him to finish a battle where He has been declared victorious.  Jesus reigns Speak His word This means war"

By: Tom Beale

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Posted: April 9, 2016

March 2016 Newsleter

You Are Not Alone


Recently, I was watching some 4x4 trucks riding through some mud bogs. There were multiple trucks, different sizes and makes and models.  No matter the size or kind of truck they all had an array of obstacles to go through. There were deep mud holes, some filled with water and some with other very challenging things to overcome. But there are two things they all had in common. First, they all had enduring persistence no matter how challenging the obstacles they kept on going forward. The second thing they had in common is they all had someone they could count on, someone to help pull them out if they got stuck. Or you could say someone to assist in their pursuit to keep moving forward. In Philippians 4:13 it says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Like the guys in all those trucks with all their persistence, you can rise above and conquer all obstacles in your path as you go through your daily walk with Jesus at your side. No matter how hard your day, no matter what your obstacles, no matter how high the mountain, or how deep the valley, (like the deep mud holes of the trucks) you can get through all of them with trust in our Lord. Or if you get stuck or a little confused or jammed up, whatever your challenge, be assured there is always a friend close by to help walk with you. All you have to do is reach out, make a call. Just have faith in Christ and the people he put in your life.

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