We often hear people in the church say that we need a revival or  that a revival would change things. But what is a revival anyway? Is it a tent in the parking lot and a week of peaching from a visiting pastor? I hope not. The dictionary defines revival as restoration of life, the act of renewal or reestablishment. So revival is the restoration of life, the renewal of life, or the reestablishment of life. WOW, isn't that what Building On A Rock Ministries does. We go to places where natural disasters have happened and we clean, gut, muck out, and remove the old, damaged, and destroyed parts of the home in order to restore, renew, and reestablish life for the families impacted by this disaster. But the act of cleaning, gutting, mucking out, and removing the old, damaged, or destroyed parts is not enough, we also bring the love and peace of Jesus Christ into homes filled with dispair and hopelessness. Talk about a revival, through Jesus, the hope of the world, a family's life is restored, a family's life is renewed, and a family's life is reestablished. Now this is true revival. You can be a part of this revival by partnering with Building On A Rock Ministries financially, prayerfully, or by volunteering. Come on be a part of this revival!

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